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Kalbi Bibimbap


A Korean dish that features beef kalbi bbq alongside a variety of cooked vegetables, rice, and gochujang sauce. For an additional dollar, you can add a fried egg to enhance the flavor.


Simply Kalbi


Galbi Plate

Indulge in the Korean BBQ beef(Kalbi), accompanied by a serving of rice and a fresh garden salad, all topped with a savory soy garlic dressing.

Burnt Ends


Our menu features a delectable Korean-Style Grilled Pork Belly dish, served alongside rice, garden salad, and complemented by soy garlic dressing.

Lechon Kawali, filipino crispy fried pork belly
Pork Katsu Tender Loin Fillet  with Salad and Rice



Enjoy a delicious meal of crispy Panko-breaded chicken tenderloin or pork, served with a side of cabbage salad and rice.

Soy Garlic Tofu(GF)


A gluten-free dish comprising pan-fried tofu, served alongside cooked vegetables and rice and soy(GF) garlic dressing.

Korean Vegetarian Bibimbap, fried tofu bento box hot stone bowl with salads, kimchi, Bibimbap sauce, miso soup


Kalbi Meals

Chicken Tenders

Corn Dog & Fries




The children's menu includes either milk or juice.